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Although daily brushing and flossing are essential, if you haven’t had a professional cleaning in more than six months, you might need a deep cleaning. Dr. Galvan of Galvan Dental Care in Danville and Vallejo, California is an expert in gum therapy and thorough deep-cleaning treatments. With these therapies, he can remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria so that your teeth and gums stay healthy, your breath remains fresh, and your smile looks beautiful.

Deep Cleaning Q & A

What is a deep dental cleaning?

A deep clean for your teeth isn’t needed when you eat a bushel of strawberries or a messy meal, nor when you’ve missed your regular dental cleaning. A deep cleaning is a specific procedure performed at Galvan Dental Care that treats gum disease.

Gum disease or gingivitis (the precursor to gum disease) develops when someone has not been taking adequate care of their mouth through brushing, flossing, and regular cleanings.

Why would I need a deep cleaning?

Dr. Galvan diagnoses gum disease when probing reveals one or more periodontal pockets.

A periodontal pocket is an area where the gum has separated at least 4 millimeters from the tooth (healthy pockets are no more than 3 millimeters deep). Gum disease can be found in just a small area or have spread around to the entire mouth.

Are there symptoms of gum disease?

Gum disease is painless, but it’s vital that you seek treatment after experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Tender, bleeding or inflamed gums
  • Gums receding from the tooth
  • Consistent bad breath
  • Loose teeth
  • Visible pus pockets

What happens during a deep dental cleaning?

Often, a deep dental cleaning like this requires several appointments. Deep cleaning is also known as scaling and root planing or gum therapy.

During scaling, Dr. Galvan thoroughly removes plaque and tartar down to the bottom of each periodontal pocket. Then, during root planing, a scaling instrument removes plaque and tartar from the surface of the roots of your teeth.

How do I prevent gum disease?

If gum disease is caught early, when it is still called gingivitis, and no damage has been done to the supporting roots or jawbone under the teeth, you may only need a regular cleaning. Dr. Galvan can provide counseling on how to best maintain your smile during this appointment.

If it’s been longer than six months since your last cleaning, don’t put yourself at risk for gum disease. Dr. Galvan is accepting new patients in the Danville and Vallejo, California areas, so call or request an appointment online today.