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Root canal treatments don’t have to be stressful and painful. With over two decades of experience, Dr. Felipe Galvan of Galvan Dental Care expertly performs root canals in the Danville and Vallejo, California communities that minimize pain. Call or request an appointment online to restore health in your mouth and transform your smile.

Root Canal Q & A

Why would I need a root canal?

If you experience considerable dental pain, prolonged sensitivity to cold or heat, gum swelling, oral sensitivity, a root canal could be necessary.

Dr. Galvan suggests root canals only when the deep interior portion of the tooth called the pulp, where a tooth’s blood supply, nerves, and vessels are located becomes infected, decayed or damaged.

When a tooth's pulp is damaged, it breaks down and can cause severe bacterial infection. Root canals are performed so that the damaged pulp of the tooth can be removed without the actual tooth itself needing to be removed, thus saving the natural tooth.

How can I avoid a root canal?

Dr. Galvan focuses on comprehensive examinations and evaluations of teeth. The most conservative, non-surgical approach is used whenever possible.

X-rays and other screening tools help to spot issues in their earliest stages so more extensive damage, like extensive tooth decay or tooth loss, can be avoided. However, regular dental cleanings, brushing and flossing every day can prevent this type of decay and improve overall oral health.

What happens when I have a root canal procedure?

If all other conservative means of treatment have been exhausted, a root canal procedure will be performed.

Local anesthesia is used to eliminate discomfort, and Dr. Galvan drills an access hole into the tooth. He removes the pulp, along with bacteria, the decayed nerve tissue, and related debris from the tooth.

Once Dr. Galvan thoroughly cleans the tooth, he seals it, and you can resume your normal activities within a few days.

Can I just have the tooth removed?

You can have the tooth removed, but in general, it's better to preserve the natural tooth. Extracting even one tooth weakens the entire mouth (think of it as a domino effect). However, using the most up-to-date technology to treat deep decay preserves both the affected tooth and the teeth surrounding it.

If you have extreme tooth decay, prolonged mouth pain, or have been told a root canal is necessary, Dr. Felipe Galvan can help: Call the Galvan Dental Care office or request an appointment online today.